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Short description: Smoke Free is an app intended for individuals who have a dependence to smoking tobacco and would like to stop in order to improve their overall health. Features overview: This is an all-in-one tool that brings together a variety of features to support users in their smoking cessation. By completing a form, the app generates a personalized dashboard where users can track their progress in terms of financial savings and health condition since their smoking termination. Users can complete a list of challenges to curb their cravings and record their condition in a diary. To reward their progress, they receive achievement badges to share with peers. With premium membership, users have access to an online chatroom where they can converse with experienced advisors, ex-smokers or a programmed chatbot. These latter features can only be accessed when the phone’s language is set to English. Access method: Smoke Free is free to access with paid premium features. It may be recommended by health professionals or employers.

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'Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now' official application icon

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