Product Quality Assessment

We help you navigate through quality standards for clinician endorsement

As we provide scientific, clinical and quality assessment services to healthcare organizations, we are able to assess your product and clearly provide you insights on what makes a digital health tool choosen and considered by health systems.

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We help you identify and close the gaps between your app and the key criteria used by health professionals & employers to recommend your solution.

We developed en efficient process, using pre-mapped trust data found on your website, product documentation, privacy policies, App Stores, etc.

Deliverables in 7 to 14 open days.


Product Quality Report

  • Identification of gaps and areas of improvement to your product for major milestones and some key specific quality requirements.
  • Covered topics: intended use, evidence & endorsement, security, privacy, usability.

Evidence Gaps Report

  • Identification of gaps between your current product’s feature set, health allegations and your current supporting evidence.

Advice & Priority Planning

  • Advice & insights for each quality indicator.
  • Structured milestones including actionable steps.
  • Prioritization levels for each milestone to support roadmap planning.
  • Product Quality Assessment

Product Quality Assessment


Get useful reports for current and future market access needs in healthcare & employers, that you may want to share with clients, partners and investors.


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