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Manufacturer opportunity

Make sure the thousands of users, looking for a great product to improve their health, consider your app, right now

As a health app manufacturer, you can make sure that your product stands out by displaying its Quality Score for every AppGuide user. This feature allows your product to get to the top of search results for the vast majority of our users.

Unique health guidance

AppGuide provides unique guidance to health app seekers by displaying easy-to-read and reliable information on 100% of health apps found online.

Open App Market Act

AppGuide allows you to direct health app seekers towards your payment gateway for the purchase of your product, instead of the App Stores.

This will translate into you leaving far less money on the table and taking advantage of the new Open App Market Act.

Impartial Quality Score

As a manufacturer, you have no influence on our Quality Score. But our team of health app experts can be leveraged to help you reach your goals, both in terms of product quality and consumer success. Our team is one of the few worldwide to be able to support your organization in getting an ISO-82304-2 quality label.

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Since 2018, our main focus has been to create products which support individuals in selecting the right app(s), for the right reasons, at the right time.

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