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Smoke Free - Quit Smoking Now

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Free to download app, with in-app purchase, used for monitoring and self-care.

Smoke Free is an app intended for individuals who have a dependence to smoking tobacco and would like to stop in order to improve their overall health.


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Prescription Availability for Health Insurance in Germany

Smoke Free is available on prescription in Germany. People with statutory health insurance should ask their GP for a prescription and send that to their insurer, they will receive an access code in return. People with private health insurance should ask their insurer for their policy on reimbursement. The PZN for the app is: 18500476.

Discover how to access Smoke Free on prescription in Germany

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Security & Privacy Compliance

  • ISO 27001ISO 27001

Supporting Evidence

  • Fit for purpose
  • Good clinical value
  • Cost-effective

Licenced as a Medical Device

  • European UnionEuropean Union


This is an all-in-one tool that brings together a variety of features to support users in their smoking cessation. By completing a form, the app generates a personalized dashboard where users can track their progress in terms of financial savings and health condition since their smoking termination.

Users can complete a list of challenges to curb their cravings and record their condition in a diary. To reward their progress, they receive achievement badges to share with peers.

TherAppX Review

TherAppX ReviewHealth App Assessor Team

Updated May 16, 2023

Data-oriented features

  • Manual monitoring
  • Manual data exporting

Care-oriented features

  • Chatbot interventions
  • Guided self-care activities
  • Reward system
  • Virtual consultations
  • Online community
  • Auto-generated feedback

Health conditions

  • Substance use

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