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Trust Report Collaboration

Make sure your app information on AppGuide is up to date.

Free Value of 750$

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Eligible Badges

  • Selected by AppGuide client’s
  • Selected by AppGuide’s clinicians

Key Inclusions

  • Overview of your app’s health
  • Trust Report quality scores
  • Trust Report details
  • Review and upload of new evidences
  • Free consultation on how to improve your scores

Covered Topics

  • Classification
  • Evidence & endorsement
  • Security
  • Privacy
  • Usability

Pre-Clinical Assessment

Ensure your app’s intended use is properly endorsed and supported by sufficient proof.

Starts at $2250

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Eligible Badges

  • Recommended for a specific intended use

Key Inclusions

  • Intended uses report
  • Evidence gaps report
  • Advice & priority planning

Covered Topics

  • Intended use
  • Evidence & endorsement

ISO 82304-2

Accelerate your journey to ISO 82304-2. Boost your global sales.

Starts at $3000

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Key Inclusions

  • Gap Report
  • Prioritized Controls Checklist
  • Monthly follow-up meeting
  • 4 months access to Gaps & Roadmap tool

Covered Topics

  • Healthy and safe
  • Easy to use
  • Secure data
  • Robust built

All-Inclusive Subscription

Fast-track sales through compliance with standards & third-party validation.

30-Days Free Trial

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Eligible Badges

  • All

Key Inclusions

  • Dedicated human support with unlimited live chat support
  • 3 pre-clinical assessment report updates per year
  • All our assessment frameworks and pre-audits
    • ISO 82304-2
    • HIPAA
    • GDPR
    • Responsible AI
  • Premium advice and knowledge
  • Resources to support the execution
My VivaSmoke FreeinpowrMed o ClockmySugrRocheMedHelperMobio InteractiveCanadian Migraine Tracker

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Badges: show, don't tell

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AppGuide badges visually demonstrate your achievements and accomplishments. Unlock them to boost your credibility with potential users and partners.

AppGuide fills the gaps in quality assessments for trusted health apps. They support us in following the ISO 82304-2 technical specifications for health software. We are proud to be the first Canadian company to have gone through the robust process supported by AppGuide.
My VivaLoreen WalesFounder & CEO at My Viva Inc.
By showcasing third-party validation, we can establish greater trust with our audience and attract more patients to our app. AppGuide is helpful in continuously assessing our scientific validation and demonstrating our credibility.
Smoke FreeDavid CraneFounder of the Smoke Free app
AppGuide’s versatility is breathtaking. Their clinical and product assessments prevented us from draining money in the wrong verticals. Knowing we’re part of their programs helped us build credibility with investors and employers. They also saved us time and money by accompanying us in healthcare and cybersecurity compliance.
inpowrMichel ChioiniCo-founder & CEO at inpowr


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We deploy health apps engagement platforms for patients and health professionals featuring trusted Digital Health products.

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We help health apps assess their product against clinical & product compliance milestones & quality requirements based on assessment frameworks.

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