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Ensure we have the latest information to accurately inform health professionals and their patients about your app.

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Our health app assessors identified the health conditions covered and the key features of your app.

Quality insights

Our experts assessed 27 criteria of your app, divided in 4 key quality indicators that are translated into scores: evidence and endorsement, privacy, security, and usability.

Quality scores

Designed to help health professionals, it makes it easy to quickly identify key characteristics and compare different apps using a simple letter grading system.

Upload new evidence

Our evaluation process is rigorous. However, if you believe that we have missed something in the Trust Report, scores or classification, we invite you to chat with us and submit new evidence.

Eligible badges

Selected by AppGuide client’s

When your app is selected by a customer, we can deliver a badge certifying the selection as part of a customized collection.

Selected by AppGuide’s clinicians

As we curate apps for health professionals, when your app is selected by a our clinicians, we provide you with a badge that shows the endorsement of our clinicians.

Selected by our health professionals

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