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Fast-track sales through compliance with standards & third-party validation

Our subscription bundles all our offerings at an exceptional value. We ensure that your most critical projects launch at the right time, providing tailored advice to make your app stand out to healthcare organizations.

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Navigate multiple standards with a single, straightforward roadmap created by you, utilizing our tools and supported by our experts.

Supported standards

While regulations differ in detail, many focus on fundamental principles like data security and user privacy. We help you leverage these commonalities to forge a streamlined compliance strategy.

  • Pre-Clinical assessment
  • ISO/TS 82304-2:2021 (Health & wellness apps)
  • GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation, EU)
  • HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability, US)
  • Responsable AI

Dedicated human support

Directly connect with a health app expert who will help prioritize and monitor your compliance progress. Gain access to resources and knowledge that simplify understanding international quality controls.

Collaborative space for assessments & project management tools

Join forces with our health app assessors in this one-stop collaborative hub. Here, you’ll find prioritized checklists of key controls essential to ensure your app meets all requirements with the least efforts.

Badges: show, don’t tell

Earn exclusive badges that enhance your credibility by visibly showcasing your endorsements and scientific validation.

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All-Inclusive Subscription

Annual commitment
(billed monthly)

Annual commitment
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  • Dedicated human support with unlimited live chat support
  • 3 pre-clinical assessment report updates per year
  • All our assessment frameworks and pre-audits
    • ISO 82304-2
    • HIPAA
    • GDPR
    • Responsible AI
  • Premium advice and knowledge
  • Resources to support the execution

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Price based on startup revenue,

Annual commitment
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