Pre-Clinical Assessment

We help you demonstrate to clinicians that your claims are clear and proven

Start with 1h FREE consultation

Health professional discussing treatment with their patient

We make sure health professionals understand intended uses, health benefits and target population of your product.

Our team of experienced assessors and health professionals test your app and perform an analysis of your current state of scientific evidence.

Deliverables in 7 to 14 open days.


Evidence Gaps Report

  • Identification of gaps between your current product’s feature set, health claims and your current supporting evidence.
  • Covered topics: intended use, evidence & endorsement

Intended Uses Report

  • We provide clear statements of intended uses, health benefits, and target populations that are deemed acceptable in healthcare. This is based on an adaptation of the NICE ESF framework and our extensive healthcare experience.

Scientific Evidence Roadmap

  • Advice & insights for each quality indicator.
  • Structured milestones including actionable steps.
  • Prioritization levels for each milestone to support roadmap planning.

Pre-Clinical Assessment


Get useful reports for current and future market access needs in healthcare & employers, that you may want to share with clients, partners and investors.


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