Pre-Clinical Assessment

Ensure your app’s intended use is clear and sufficiently proven

Before recommending an app, health professionals must understand its intended uses and expected health benefits. Easy access to evidence-based data increases their trust.

Our team of seasoned assessors and health professionals evaluates your app and analyzes the current state of your scientific evidence.

Deliverables within 7 to 14 open days.

A single assessment covers multiple use cases

  • Investors rely on our assessments during their due diligence to mitigate risks.
  • Healthcare organizations seek our endorsements before introducing your app to their clients.
  • Health professionals use our badges as a guide to recommend your app to patients.

Intended Use Report

Guided by the NICE ESF framework and our extensive healthcare expertise, we test your app and meticulously assess your evidence to define its intended uses and health benefits, even at a pre-clinical stage.

Eligible badges

They allow you to demonstrate your AppGuide-endorsed intended uses and health benefits to health professionals and potential clients.

Selected by our health professionals

Evidence Gaps Report

We identify discrepancies between your current product features, health claims, and the supporting evidence.

Covered Topics

  • Intended Use
  • Evidence & Endorsement


Pre-Clinical Assessment

  • Intended Use Report
  • Three follow-up meetings in 12 months


Pre-Clinical Assessment

  • Intended Use Report
  • Evidence Gaps Report
  • Three follow-up meetings in 12 months


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