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inpowr: Self-management

inpowr Self-Improvement Inc

Free app, used for monitoring and self-care.

inpowr is a self-coaching app designed to help employees promote their overall health (physical, mental and social). It is intended for anyone over the age of 16.


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inpowr also makes it easier to navigate through an employer's various health and wellness programs by directing them to the appropriate support resources.

The full set of features is only enabled when the app is accessed through an employer. To obtain this access, users can talk to their employer about inpowr.

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The user can rate all dimensions of their well-being through an assessment that covers 6 different categories: body, spirit, mind, relationships, achievements, and environment.

From this assessment, the user can create a plan with various actions to improve well-being in those categories. The user can either select one of the suggested activities or add a personalized activity they want to undertake to reach their health goal. The user can set reminders to take action on this activity.

The app provides a dashboard where they can analyze their progress. They can either compare their level of well-being with their last assessments or with the rest of the inpowr community.

TherAppX Review

TherAppX ReviewHealth App Assessor Team

Updated May 16, 2023

Data-oriented features

  • Manual monitoring

Care-oriented features

  • Objective planning
  • Guided self-care activities
  • Action reminders

Health conditions

  • Sleep & insomnia
  • Nutrition & hydration
  • Mood & depression
  • Stress & anxiety

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