Do you need a Personal Health Record?

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A personal health record (PHR) is a tool that enables individuals to store, manage, and electronically share their health information. This can include a variety of data such as laboratory results, medical history, allergies, prescribed medications, and many other types of health information.

Personal Health Records: A way to better manage your health

PHRs offer several advantages, including:

  • Better coordination of healthcare, resulting in improved quality of care and reduced medical errors.

  • Easy access to stored information, both for patients and authorized healthcare professionals.

  • Managing medical appointments and medication adherence.

  • Empowering patients and encouraging them to be more involved in their own healthcare.

Who needs a Personal Health Record?

Everyone can benefit from a personal health record, regardless of their health condition, considering that it is a tool that allows a better organization and management of varied health information.

However, some individuals may benefit more from a PHR than others, including:

  • Individuals with chronic illnesses or complex health conditions that require close medical monitoring.

  • Individuals who see multiple doctors, in order to have a better coordination of care between healthcare professionals.

  • Individuals who live in different places or travel frequently, in order to maintain continuity of care.

  • Elderly individuals who may have memory problems.

Example of a Personal Health Record:
Québec Health Booklet

The Québec Health Booklet is a PHR offered for free to all Quebec residents. It is a secure platform managed by the Quebec government and can be accessed online at any time from any device connected to the Internet. Users can access their health information such as medical history, prescribed medications and medical appointments, and can also share this information with healthcare professionals. So far, a major disadvantage of this platform is that users cannot add or modify their own data, which limits its usefulness. Additionally, the platform is not designed to assist users on a daily basis.

Other apps exist, here are some examples:

MyChart is an app that enables users to have easy access to all their health information (lab tests, medication lists, vaccination records, etc.) This information can be accessed anytime and anywhere, and can be shared with anyone as desired. By connecting your account with Apple Health, you can easily integrate data from your personal devices directly into MyChart. The app also allows direct communication with your healthcare team.

apple is available for this applicationandroid is available for this application

Apple Health is a mobile application available on Apple's iOS devices that allows users to store and track their health information, including data on sleep, physical activity, and medications. The app offers a wide range of features, such as medication reminders, menstrual cycle tracking, and the ability to connect with other health and fitness apps. Users can securely share their health data with their healthcare professionals. All health data is encrypted and securely stored on the user's Apple device for maximum privacy and security.

apple is available for this application

Medisafe is a health management app that's available for free on iOS and Android platforms in several languages. Users can track and manage a variety of things, including their medication intake. The app sends reminders when it's time to take your medication and reminds you of the dosage and schedule. You can also access information on the side effects and interactions of your medications. All your data can be shared with your doctor or pharmacist if you wish.

apple is available for this applicationandroid is available for this application
In-app purchases

Andaman7 is a health management app available for free on iOS and Android platforms and on the web that offers several advanced features such as the ability to schedule medical appointments, track medications intake, view test results, and access complete medical history. You can also store and access documents on the app as needed, such as medical reports, medication prescriptions, and administrative documents. You can choose which information to share with your healthcare professionals. The app is known for its user-friendliness, and you can easily update your information at any time.

apple is available for this applicationandroid is available for this application

Don't leave anything to chance:
How to choose the ideal Personal Health Record for you?

There is a wide variety of platforms to create your personal health record. Here are some things to consider when choosing an app or platform:

  • Security
    This is the most important element to consider as technology is often associated with privacy risks. It is important to make a good app choice, to choose from those that respect security and privacy standards, and to prioritize an app with a good score to protect your data.

  • Features and ease of use
    Choose an app or platform that offers the features you need, whether it's for managing your appointments, taking your medications, or other purposes. Also, make sure that the chosen option is easy to use for you to simplify access and save time.

  • Costs
    Some apps are free, but others may have subscription or storage fees.

Personal Health Records:
The solution to better manage your health

Personal health records through apps or online platforms are becoming increasingly popular due to their many advantages, such as easy access and the ability to share your information with healthcare professionals. By being aware of both the benefits and potential risks of PHRs, individuals can make informed decisions and reap the most benefits from this emerging technology for their health and well-being.

Your health care professional can help you choose

Feeling confident is important. Get all the essential information about health apps by talking to your healthcare professional.

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