How Health Apps Can Promote Trust from Patients and Healthcare Providers

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    In today's digital age, patients and healthcare providers seek authentic, evidence-based health apps to help them manage their health and wellness. To differentiate themselves in the crowded health app marketplace, developers must build credibility and trust with their customers.

    Instead of relying solely on marketing descriptions and user ratings for their decisions, customers are looking for:

    • App comparisons;

    • Self-service product information from trusted third-party sources;

    • Recommendations by healthcare professionals;

    • Social proof.

    Health app developers must adapt to meet these demands by providing scientific validation and clear, third-party-approved information on their app's health benefits and intended uses. Doing so can generate more trust and engagement with potential customers and separate them from the competition.

    The power of evidence-based marketing for health apps

    One effective way to build credibility is by providing evidence-based marketing. This involves creating credible, factual healthcare content that resonates with patients and healthcare providers. Health app developers must highlight their product's value by being transparent about how it helps overcome specific healthcare challenges.

    How health apps may build more trust and credibility

    To ensure their app's credibility, developers can have their app tested by third-party assessors. This is a low-cost solution to engage with healthcare communities and patients and validate their app's health benefits.

    Moreoever, as the safety of apps is an emerging public health issue, health apps need to be aware of emerging standards and regulations in the industry to keep improving their product’s safety and compliance.

    By following these product validation and improvement approaches, health app developers connect with a broader audience, build trust, and increase brand preference over their users.

    How AppGuide & TherAppX support the health apps industry

    To support health app developers in building trust with patients and healthcare providers, AppGuide offers a powerful resource regrouping health app assessments and content to support their decisions. However, we’re more than a platform.

    TherAppX, AppGuide’s parent company, provides holistic services to improve health apps' safety, security, and scientific validation. TherAppX also works with healthcare organizations to regroup trusted health apps that may promote access to care and their unique patient challenges.

    Founded in 2018, TherAppX is a digital health company headquartered in Canada and backed by Investissement Québec, Desjardins Capital, Exogram & Propulia Capital.

    AppGuide and TherAppX are working to support patients' access to safe digital health.

    For more information on our services, reach out to us at

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    AppGuide provides reliable information about mobile health apps that allows patients and healthcare professionals to make informed, shared decisions about using a health app to track health status or act on your priority health goals.

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