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Why health app research matters

9 min read Presentation of the importance of research and published studies related to health apps, as well as a list of apps that have been the subject of studies.

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Apps for ADHD

4 min read Apps can help people with ADD improve their focus and productivity. Treatment options include medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes like exercise.

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Tools to help with headaches

3 min read This article explores tools and apps to help manage headaches, including apps such as Migraine Buddy and Headspace. It also offers tips for prevention.

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Tools for autism spectrum disorder

3 min read Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects behavior, communication, and learning. Apps like Kairos, Tiimo, and Brili Routines can assist with daily life challenges.

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Tools to help with menopause

3 min read Menopause brings changes, but tools can help. Apps track patterns, and pharmacological/non-pharmacological options are available. Lifestyle changes, supplements, and therapy can help, along with Evia and Caria apps.

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Do you suspect your heart of arrhythmia?

4 min read This article discusses cardiac arrhythmias, their potential risks, diagnosis challenges, and the use of portable devices like Fitbit and Kardia to help monitor and diagnose them.

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Skin problem?

2 min read Skin problems affect people of all ages and while some are easily treatable, others require ongoing management. Various apps can and this article highlights some of the best apps available for managing different types of skin conditions.

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Do you suffer or think you suffer from sleep apnea?

4 min read Sleep apnea causes breathing interruptions during sleep. It can lead to health problems such as high blood pressure, heart disease, and stroke. Apps can help diagnose and manage it, but consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Tools for COPD

3 min read COPD has no cure, but treatments include pharmacological options and non-pharmacological options like apps, smoking cessation, and reducing exposure to pollution.

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Apps for Seniors Living Alone

4 min read Mobile apps empower seniors living alone with safety features like emergency contacts, inactivity alerts, fall detection, and GPS tracking.

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So, you want help eating keto

3 min read The ketogenic diet can offer health benefits. It can be challenging to maintain long-term, so adopting healthy habits is key. Using helpful apps can increase success.


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