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Secure Your Health, Secure Your Data

5 min read Let's explore the key issues around data security in healthcare apps and how to protect privacy while benefiting from these technologies.

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How to perfectly recommend an app?

4 min read Recommending the perfect app for your patient requires a thoughtful approach. There is no better app or better technology than the one that will work for your patient.

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Why health app research matters

9 min read Presentation of the importance of research and published studies related to health apps, as well as a list of apps that have been the subject of studies.

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Apps for ADHD

4 min read Apps can help people with ADD improve their focus and productivity. Treatment options include medication, therapy, and lifestyle changes like exercise.

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Tools to help with headaches

3 min read This article explores tools and apps to help manage headaches, including apps such as Migraine Buddy and Headspace. It also offers tips for prevention.

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Tools for autism spectrum disorder

3 min read Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) affects behavior, communication, and learning. Apps like Kairos, Tiimo, and Brili Routines can assist with daily life challenges.


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